Selecting The Menu for Your Special Day


Eat, Drink, & Be Married!

Everyone has fun at the wedding reception.  It’s the time when the bride and groom’s (and their families) anxiety is over.  They can let their hair down and “Dance Till They Drop.”

There are no strict guidelines covering menu selection.  Talk at length with your caterer about the tastes of those who will be attending your reception.  Are your guests traditional in nature?  Will you be needing a carving station?  Do you anticipate some vegetarians among your guests?  These are all things to consider when preparing that perfect reception.

Chef Lynnie’s Typical Menu Selections

Time of Day: Morning – 10 AM – 1 PM
Type of Reception:  Champagne Breakfast, Sit-down or Buffet
Reception Fare: Coffee, teas, sweet rolls, muffins, buns, croissants, crepes, quiche, berries, fruit with custard, fresh cream.
Time of Day:  Mid-day – Noon
Type of Reception: Brunch or Lunch, Sit-down or Buffet
Reception Fare:  The same as above, plus salads, pasta, cold poached salmon, chicken, turkey, light sorbet, and sparkling wines.
Time of Day:  Mid-afternoon – 2 PM – 5 PM
Type of Reception:  Tea or Open House
Reception Fare:  Light Buffet with champagne punch, teas and coffees, finger sandwiches, assorted fruits and cheeses, pastries, nuts and mints.
Time of Day:  Early Evening – 4 PM – 7 PM
Type of Reception:  Cocktail or Food Stations, Buffet
Reception Fare:  Seafood and pasta, breads, carving stations, cheese and fruit, wine and champagne
Time of Day: Evening – 6 PM – on
Type of Reception:  Sit Down Dinner
Reception Fare:  Cocktails and hors d’oeurves, three to four course dinner including soup or salad, poultry fish, meat entree with vegetables.
Time of Day:  Late Evening – 8 PM – on
Type of Reception:  Sit-down or Station Buffet
Reception Fare:  Hearty hors d’oeurves or light supper with fish or chicken, vegetables, pasta
Chef’s Note:  These menu choices are only intended to show what certain traditions are.   This day is Your Day.  Use your own creativity.